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  HyAgaroseLE Agarose

  InstantAgarose Tablet

  HyAgarose HR Agarose

  HyAgarose LM Agarose

  HyAgarose 3:1 Agarose


  G-418 sulfate




  Sunma Biotech Corp. was founded by overseas Chinese scholars

in 2003 in Xiamen , more ambitious life science graduates join

the team. Sunma is specialized in providing transfection reagent,

G418 sulfate and agarose series for life scientist and company

in biotechnology industry. We established R & D center and factory

in Xiamen .

  We always tries to provide more high quality products and excellent

service for our customers , Sunma are also exporter on OEM customer,

our main customers are from USA , Germany , etc., we are confident that

we can meet your requirements on the competitive price, quality consistency

and delivery punctuality.

  ISO 9001 Certified





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